Summer Dance @ KJSD

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Keely Jardell’s School of Dance


Summer Dance

Come Join the FUN!

August 6th-15th

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoons

“Princess” Camp for Ages 3-6: (Including dancers enrolled in the two-year-old class this past year.)  Dancers will learn all styles of dance including creative movement, dance techniques and performance skills. They will also get time to do dance crafts all while having lots and lots of fun with friends. 


Dance workshop for Ages 7-up: 

This workshop will include learning a variety of choreography from different teachers, techniques in all dance styles, different turn and leap progressions, stretching skills, and conditioning exercises. This is a great time to learn new skills, try out different styles of dance, and just get moving in the summertime.  These summer classes have become a favorite, and we see tremendous growth in these dancers as they become involved in these classes. They will be exposed to all different styles of dance and techniques in this session while having endless amounts of fun with friends. All dancers chosen for team must attend the summer workshop. 



Session Fee is $100.00 for 6 one and half hour classes 

Fee Due August 6th

(drop ins $25.00 per day)


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