Summer Dance at KJSD

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Come Join the DANCE FUN this summer!

August 7th, 9th, 14th, 16th

Ages 3 – 7 (including dancers that took 2-year old class this fall session)  Summer classes Tuesday & Thursdays for 90-minute classes.

  • Classes will include all styles of dance, musical theatre class, technique, and fun themed dances.  When your child says, “I’m Bored!” this summer, bring them to summer dance at KJSD to expose them to different styles of dance before the begin the new dance year.  Session Fee $80 (or $25 a class for drop in)

Ages 6-up (must have been enrolled in Jazz class)  Summer classes Tuesday & Thursdays for 90-minute classes 2 times a week.

  • Classes will include turns, leaps, and technique that are incorporated into various styles of dance combinations.  The dancers that have taken this class have experienced a tremendous amount of growth in their dance.  This class has become one of the FAVORITES!  This is a great time to join the class before the year becomes SO BUSY that you can’t fit it in.   Session Fee $80 (or $25 a class for drop in)

We hope to work these classes into the summer before MPAC rehearsals begin.


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